I (Sigmund) was born in Sauda (Sa), studied in Trondheim (Tr), worked for Elektrisk Bureau, ABB and Nera in Oslo (Os) and Billingstad (B). I now live in Drøbak (Dr) and have a cottage in Valdres (Va).

My father, Olav, was born at Voss, lived as a boy in Trondheim, came to an aunt at Årdal in Rogaland (Å) when his father died. Worked as a teacher in Sauda.

One of his brothers, Peder, grew up at Hjelmeland (H), not far from Årdal, before he emigrated to South Dakota.


My mother, Serina, was born at the farm Lyse in Nedstrand (N). She worked as a midwife in Sauda.

Her parents sold the farm and settled on the Finnøy island (F), where we visited them every summer when I was a boy. I remember the greenhouse full of tomatoes.